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Rebuild Your Natural Locks with PPD Free Hair Colour
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Rebuild Your Natural Locks with PPD Free Hair Colour

We are all surrounded by products around us that contain some amount of chemicals, and hair products are no different. Certain chemicals such as Hydrogen, PPD, and Ammonia are present in large volumes in hair colours. PPD, in general, spoils the quality of the hair and once the quality of hair starts degrading, it becomes difficult to regain hair strength 

What is PPD? 

PPD is also termed Paraphenylenediamine, and it is quite prominent in permanent hair colour and dyes. Many colour companies use it in various dark shades, as it offers long-lasting hair colour, which claims to offer a natural look. PPD hair colour solution is used in salons and at home as it is one of the most effective ingredients while colouring dark hair. Furthermore, the PPD solution is also used in tattoos and some dark-coloured cosmetics. 

PPD Is Quite Harmful. 

PPD has gained a lot of reputation for negative side effects, irrespective of its hair colouring efficacy. Furthermore, PPD leads to several reactions, including mild skin irritation and severe allergic contact dermatitis. If you have sensitive skin, you might experience dermatitis-like skin inflammation and irritation, known as eczema. Eczema mainly appears on your upper lips first or the ear rims. If the case is serious, you see red marketing on your skin or the face or scalp. 

You Can Restore Your Looks with Natural Hair Colour. 

Ammonia, PPD and Hydrogen Peroxide are present in synthetic hair dyes, but very few people know that these elements cause various complications like skin allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you should consider using only natural hair dyes or colours. PPD is the most common ingredient that claims to offer a long-lasting tint to your hair. The chemical penetrates deep into your hair, offering a natural look. 

Besides the natural looks, PPD is likely to damage the authenticity of your hair, as it removes the moisture from your hair and evaporates smoothness from your skin. Also, due to the fast-paced lifestyle, several people suffer from premature grey hairs and dryness. The good news is that you can easily avoid these situations if you use PPD-free hair colour. 

All you need to do is look for brands like byPureNaturals that have natural ingredients and allergy-free hair colours and get a stunning and vibrant look. The best part about choosing a PPD-free hair color is that it is 100% safe and natural, so you can use it without a doubt. On top of it, you can get better long-lasting shade besides restoring your natural quality and shine during the process. The organic product is your best bet if you are look-conscious and looking for natural hair care

Furthermore, you don't need to compromise your health for glittering any chic style hair colour. PPD hair-free includes certified organic extracts that give amazing nourishment and protection and make your hair longer and stronger without using any crude chemicals. They are ideal for permanent color, as various hues can be obtained with nature tints. Above all,

organic colors are healthy and safe for your hair, which helps maintain your hair's quality. Hence, you should use natural hair colors without PPD or ammonia. 

To Conclude 

The natural colors and other products offered byPureNaturals are PPD-free and made from natural ingredients. We make sure to sell organic hair colors, which are thoroughly tested in the laboratories and then offered to the customers.

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