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byPureNaturals Pure Cow Ghee Diya Baati - 30pcs

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  • byPureNaturals Traditional Cow Ghee Diya Battis are made by hand and dipped in pure cow ghee. Lighting these battis produces a good, spiritual atmosphere with cleansing and sattvic characteristics that makes one feel tranquil and stress-free. For everyday mental and spiritual enlightenment, light a diya.
  • byPureNaturals Cow Ghee Diya Batti lifts up depressed mental states thereby providing positivity, longevity. Purifies the air and promote good environment. Improves oxygen level in the environment.
  • byPureNaturals pure ghee Diya battis are ideal for use in homes, temples & offices during pujas & prayers.byPureNaturals Diya battis are perfect for use during yoga & meditation as they are not a fire hazard thus allowing you to focus while you’re meditating.

 HOW TO USE - 1. Place the byPureNaturals Cow Ghee Batti in byPureNatural Diya and Place it over the plate. 2. Lit the Diya and Batti starts to burning and Giving you the resemblance to Homam/ Agnihotra / Yagam at your place. 4. Left over ashes can be used as viboothi or use as fertilizer for plants. "Cow ghee diya battis are traditionally hand-rolled and soaked in pure cow ghee. They are used for meditation, celebration, and religious activity.

Some benefits of lighting a cow ghee diya batti include:-

  • Purifying the air
  • Attracting positive energy
  • Promoting health
  • Boosting mood and energy
  • Bringing prosperity and fortune
  • Increasing sattvic tattva, which includes light, bliss, and goodness
  • Creating a positive, spiritual atmosphere
  • Calming the mind
  • Attracting the aura of Kubera, the god of wealth
  • According to the Agni Purana, ghee lamps are said to have a superior impact than oil lamps. Ghee lamps attract more sattvik (spiritually pure energy) from a wider circumference and continue to attract it longer than oil lamps."