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  • QuikHenna herbal black Mehndi byPureNaturals
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QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi byPureNaturals

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Benefits of QuikHenna Herbal Kali Mehndi byPureNaturals:

  • Rajasthani Kali Mehndi
  • Hand plucked henna leaves
  • Enriched by the goodness of Bio henna and Herbal extract.
  • No ammonia and 100% grey-covered formula.

Quikhenna Herbal Kali Mehndi byPureNaturals is a World-famous Rajasthani Mehndi. 

Herbal Black Mehndi is a rich product of natural ingredients. It can be used to make the hair strong, glossy. It is made of a healthy herbal extract mixture made with a blend of natural ingredients.


Mehndi leaves Neem leaves, Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Tulsi, Bhilawa, Shikakai, Methi Seeds, Jamun Guthli, Para phenylene Diamine, Tatric Acid, and Sodium Perborate.

Using 10 g to 20 g of Herbal Mehndi is a safe and effective quantity, depending upon Grey Hair Coverage length and area. Developed by using an herbal mixture or ingredients to give you soft, shiny, and healthy hair, Quikenna herbal kali Mehndi is one of our top-selling products.

Quikhenna Herbal Mehndi is efficient in 60 minutes to achieve the best results. The longer you keep it on your hair, the deeper black shade you get after washing.

  • Innovative healthy, deep black Hair formulation.
  • Enriched by the goodness of Bio henna and Herbal extract.
  • No ammonia and 100% grey-covered formula.
  • Apply to dry hair and leave for 10 minutes - wash it down.
  • Free from allergens
  • Package Content: 1 Henna Herbal Kali Mehndi (Single)

Herbal black mehndi

Get the beautiful dark color of mehndi with the QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi by PureNaturals, which contains a blend of natural herbs and extracts. Its special formula provides a long-lasting deep, dark shade without over-drying your skin. Enjoy the benefits of natural herbs in a convenient and easy-to-use mehndi paste.

QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi by PureNaturals offers a safe and natural method for coloring your hair. Made from 100% herbal ingredients, this mehndi easily colors your hair and adds a beautiful black tone. With long-lasting results, this product is perfect for those wishing to embrace natural beauty.

Discover Soft, Radiant Hair with PureNaturals QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi. Infused with Ayurvedic herbs, this best-in-class hair coloring product adds a soft, natural black color to hair while nourishing and conditioning for exceptional shine. PureNaturals brings you the highest quality herbal mehndi with a fast, easy application for beautiful, healthy hair.

QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi byPureNaturals is a natural, 100% herbal solution for darkening your hair. Each application delivers long-lasting color and coverage, while also conditioning and nourishing your hair. Achieve beautiful, healthy-looking locks without harsh chemicals or additives.

This natural herbal black mehndi by PureNaturals is the perfect way to create beautiful and intricate henna designs. Made with natural ingredients, this mehndi is safe to use and results in a deep black finish.

QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi by PureNaturals is an easy-to-use online formula of 100% natural ingredients. The black mehndi is a perfect option for those who prefer a dark, long-lasting henna color. It is ideal for special occasions such as weddings, parties, and festivals.

QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi byPureNaturals provides a natural, healthy way to achieve beautiful, long-lasting black mehndi designs. It contains the best herbal ingredients, providing nourishment and protection for your skin while delivering stunning mehndi designs.

QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi byPureNaturals provides users with the best natural herbal black mehndi online. Made with only the highest-grade natural ingredients, this mehndi provides long-lasting coverage and delivers beautiful results.

PureNaturals QuikHenna Herbal Black Mehndi is made from natural ingredients for a safe and natural way to darken and deepen the color of your henna tattoo. This mehndi produces a jet-black color in as little as 30 minutes. Learn more about best henna water hair toner.