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Organic Reetha Powder byPureNaturals

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PureNaturals Organic Reetha Powder is made from the highest quality reetha to ensure maximum nourishment in each serving. It is a powerful ingredient that helps to provide essential vitamins and minerals to keep your skin and hair healthy and protected.

Organic Reetha Powder byPureNaturals is a 100% organic product that can help you achieve amazing results in your hair and skin care.This powder is free of any toxins and additives and contains only natural ingredients.It is an easy and convenient way to achieve healthy and beautiful hair and skin.

PureNaturals Organic Reetha Powder is an all-natural, chemical-free powder made from organically-grown reetha fruit. The high-quality ingredients provide essential vitamins and minerals, while its antioxidant-rich properties help protect and heal the skin. Enjoy a natural skincare solution with PureNaturals Organic Reetha Powder.

PureNaturals' Organic Reetha Powder is certified organic and made from natural sources. Enjoy its range of benefits, including natural lather, deep cleansing, and healthy hair. Buy online and experience its natural goodness.

PureNaturals Organic Reetha Powder is nature’s answer for a natural glow. This top-quality powder is made from the best organic reetha available online for maximum effectiveness and purity. Discover improved skin texture and natural radiance with regular use.

Organic Reetha Powder byPureNaturals is an all-natural, USDA-certified organic powder for women. Packed with cleansing, conditioning, and exfoliating properties, Reetha Powder is a perfect addition to your beauty routine. Buy online today to start enjoying the benefits of this natural ingredient.

PureNaturals' Organic Reetha Powder is an all-natural, organic product made from the dried fruits of the saponin-rich reetha tree. Unrefined and plant-based, this powder is perfect for home beauty treatments and adding a natural shine to your hair. It's a safe, healthy way to keep your hair looking beautiful. Learn more about buy online organic neem powder.

Benefits of Organic Reetha Powder byPureNaturals:

  • Acts as conditioning shampoo, prevents hair fall, and is anti-dandruff.
  • Reetha is an excellent skin cleanser 
  • It also exhibits insecticidal properties that help in killing lice on the scalp
  • The regular usage of Reetha hair wash can reduce split ends to a great extent
  • Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in this fruit are known to impart shine to your hair and make it smooth
  • Soapnut is antimicrobial in nature, it is a good option to cure bacterial and other scalp infections

Weight- 125 gm


    125 gm Organic Reetha Powder

    Safety Information

    Not for consumption as Food

    • Reetha Powder as a Conditioning Shampoo

      Mix Amla, Reetha, and Shikakai powders in a 1:1:1 Ratio, in a bowl and squeeze a full lemon into the mixture to make a paste.
      Apply it thoroughly and leave it for 1-2 hours.
      Rinse it with water and enjoy your luxurious hair.

    • Reetha Powder as a Skin Cleanser

      Take 1-2 teaspoon of Reetha powder.
      Add to 2-3 glass of water.
      Boil till the water reduces to half.
      Strain and use the liquid as a body wash to get rid of itching of skin.

    • Reetha Powder for thicker Hair

      Warm 100 ml of coconut oil for 5 mins
      Add a handful of reetha and amla to it
      Mix everything well and leave for 24 hours
      Keep reheating in between so that reetha and amla are absorbed well in the oil
      Strain into a bottle
      Use regularly as normal hair oil

    • Reetha Powder as a Hair cleanser and conditioning agent

      Mix Amla, Reetha, and Shikakai powders in a 1:1:1 Ratio, in a bowl and squeeze a full lemon into the mixture to make a paste.
      Put a handful of fresh curry leaves in the grinder and add some water to it.
      After grinding it for a couple of minutes, filter the mixture and collect the water in a bowl.
      Apply it thoroughly and leave it for 1-2 hours.
      Rinse it with water and then use your regular shampoo and follow it with conditioner.

    Why to use Organic Reetha Powder byPureNaturals

    Reetha is an age-old remedy that makes hair extremely soft, gorgeous, and overall beautiful.

    Additionally, the fact that it can be used as a natural shampoo ensures that you get healthy hair without an ounce of chemicals on your tresses.

    Curbs hair fall, anti dandruff, imparts shine and also acts as a skin cleansing agent

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    • Ingredients

      100% Organic Reetha Powder

    • FAQ's

      Q. Is it okay to use Reetha (soapnut) every day for hair wash?
      A: Yes, Reetha can be used everyday for hair wash. It is due to its cleansing property that helps to get rid of oily secretions from scalp and also it forms a rich and natural lather.

      Q. Is Reetha good for the skin?
      A: External application of Reetha may be good for the skin. In traditional medicine, Reetha is used for managing eczema, psoriasis and pimples. It may also be useful in removing freckles, tan and excess oil from the skin.

      Q: Can Reetha be used to manage hair fall?
      A: Reetha helps control hair fall by removing dandruff from the scalp.

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