Puremedi Skincare Ice Cube Roller for Face and Glowing Skin Easy to use

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I use the 3D Roller Massager?

The frequency of use depends on your skincare needs and preferences. However, for best results, using the 3D Roller Massager 2-3 times per week can help promote blood circulation, firmness, and a youthful complexion.

Is the Hair Trimmer suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the Hair Trimmer features a dual-edge spinning blades system designed for safe and precise trimming. It's suitable for use on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Can the Hair Straightening Brush be used on wet hair?

For optimal results and safety, it's recommended to use the Hair Straightening Brush on dry hair only. Using heat styling tools on wet hair can cause damage and uneven results.

How long does the Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer last on a single charge?

The Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer and Shaver is designed for long-lasting performance. On a single charge, it can typically last through multiple grooming sessions, depending on usage frequency and duration.

Can the Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer be used for other facial hair removal?

Yes, the Battery Operated Eyebrow Trimmer and Shaver is versatile and can be used for removing unwanted facial hair from various areas, including the upper lip, nose, and other parts of the face.