QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo For Men and Women

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Color: Natural Black
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QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo is the perfect solution for hassle-free hair colouring. This ammonia free formula is designed for both men and women, and contains natural ingredients that leave your hair healthy-looking and vibrant. Get salon results without damaging your hair—this shampoo is 100% safe and gentle.

QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo offers an easy and convenient way to add vibrant color to your hair. It is tailored for both men and women, containing all-natural ingredients that provide lasting results without damage. Made to be gentle to your hair and scalp, the color will last for weeks and fade gradually with each wash. Get vibrant, natural-looking hair without the long-term commitment.

QuikHenna's Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo is the perfect solution for hair colouring without the harshness of ammonia. It is a natural and safe solution for dyeing hair for both men and women. This easy-to-use shampoo is also long lasting—it promises a bright, vivid colour that can last up to 28 days. Buy QuikHenna online today and experience the best in natural hair colour.

QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo provides a reliable, natural colour solution for men and women. Made from natural quikhenna, it delivers a salon-quality finish that lasts. It's easy to use and conditions the hair for improved manageability. Experience rich, vibrant colour without ammonia.

QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo is designed to give men and women the best hair colouring experience. This ammonia-free shampoo formula is easy to use and gives you natural-looking, vibrant colour with no damage to the hair. Its advanced technology and natural plant extracts make it a safe and gentle option for hair colouring.

QuikHenna Hair Colour shampoo is the perfect product when it comes to choosing an easy and convenient option to colour your hair at home. QuikHenna Hair Colour shampoo is suitable for both men and women. It is an ammonia-free hair colour and provides instant easy 100% grey coverage. It is a root hair dye colouring that gives you salon-like hair colour at home – quick and effortless! QuikHenna Hair Colour shampoo is available in 3 shades- Natural Black, Dark Brown, and Burgundy. Learn more about natural quikhenna hair colour shampoo online.

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QuikHenna Ammonia Free Hair Colour Shampoo For Men and Women

Introducing QuikHenna, the revolutionary Ammonia-Free Hair Colour Shampoo designed for both men and women. This innovative product offers the convenience of a shampoo with the transformative power of henna-based hair colouring. Infused with natural ingredients, it nourishes the hair while imparting rich, vibrant colour. Free from harsh chemicals like ammonia, it ensures a gentle yet effective colouring experience. Ideal for those seeking a quick and hassle-free solution, QuikHenna provides long-lasting results with a salon-like finish. Say goodbye to lengthy hair colouring sessions and hello to vibrant, healthy-looking hair in no time with QuikHenna Ammonia-Free Hair Colour Shampoo.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is QuikHenna suitable for all hair types?

Yes, QuikHenna is formulated to work effectively on all hair types, providing vibrant color and nourishment.

How long does the color from QuikHenna last?

The longevity of the color varies depending on individual hair type and care routine, typically lasting for several weeks.

Can QuikHenna cover gray hairs effectively?

Yes, QuikHenna provides excellent coverage for gray hairs, resulting in natural-looking color with salon-like finish.

Does QuikHenna contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals?

No, QuikHenna is ammonia-free and free from other harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective coloring experience.

Is QuikHenna easy to use?
  • Yes, QuikHenna is designed for convenience, offering a shampoo-like application process for quick and hassle-free hair coloring at home.