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Best Hair Color for Indian Skin Tone
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Best Hair Color for Indian Skin Tone

Thinking of getting your hair colored but confused between the myriad shades? Well, we have the perfect guide for you. One must look for the color that matches their skin tone and suits them the best. A wrong shade can ruin your personality and will make you look uncanny. Selecting the right color for your Indian skin tone can intensify your appearance but at the same time choosing a bad shade can hide your best features. 

A proper inspection should be carried out in order to choose the best natural color for your tone. Natural colors such as many shades of brown go the best with Indian skin tone. The basic plan of coloring should be considered depending on the skin tone as some colors look good for warm skin while some go well with cool skin tones. 

Brown is the utmost choice of hair color as it is available in the market with various shades for various skin tones. Burgundy hair color is also included in the standard colors for Indian tones. While considering your hair, we would suggest you get a shade darker color for your hair. 

The hair colors range of byPureNaturals Organic is created specifically for the Indian skin tones. The natural hair colors are good for all skin tones as well as for the nourishment of your hair. With only organic materials used, it provides strength to your hair and makes it strong.

While for the Indian women, colors are to be chosen carefully depending on what suits you and what does not. The Indians have a different skin tone from those of the west as the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the color tone of our body, the color of our eyes, and skin is in a considerably different amount than that of western people. So, it gives a warm-ish tone to the Indian people. 

Determining your skin tone for selecting the right hair dye:

  • The best colors to be chosen for cool skin tones could use Burgundy or cool red as these colors will enhance their personality. They may add highlights of beige, white colors.
  • The best colors to be chosen for warm skin tones include deep natural browns such as chocolate or chestnut. You may add highlights of funky colors you want.
  • The health of your hair should be considered while selecting a hair color. The damaged, dead hair may be due to using bad quality products or exposing them a lot to heat. Treat your hair before dying it or use organic dyes by byPureNaturals that color as well as make your hair healthy as the natural plants like Aloe vera are used in it.
  • Preference for hair color type should always is the one that is safe for you and your hair. The hair dyes of byPureNaturals Organic are all-natural dyes made of organic materials that keep your hair safe and healthy, and also provide nourishment for your skin and hair. Our hair dyes are ammonia-free, which prevents your hair from a lot of damage.

Look out for the color card provided by byPureNaturals Organic, and start using natural hair dye to strengthen your hair and to protect your skin from any diseases or allergies.

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