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How Often Should You Dye Your Hair
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How Often Should You Dye Your Hair

Changing hair color is an easy and fun way to revamp your whole look and maybe even embrace alter egos. Some of us get our hair colored just for fun, some people like to experiment with their hair, some want to follow the trends to follow their favorite celebrity looks and some just want to cover their greys. Whatever be the reason you are dying your hair, we are here to help you be the best version of yourself. For that, we are here to demystify an ambiguity: how often should you dye your hair! 

Coloring your hair 

It depends on how healthy your hair is and how long your hair color can last. The period for your hair color is directly proportional to how porous your hair is and your hair care routine. What kind of hair color are you trying out also plays an important role. Also, If your hair color is permanent, it will take quite some time to fade out, but your hair must be grown out or dyed over if you want to change color. But generally, it is advisable to wait for 4 to 8 weeks before going for another hair treatment. But the time may vary from person to person and their hair type, other hair products, and dye they use. If they use Natural Hair dye like Henna or something else available in the market, the period will be different from the one using artificial hair products. 

Permanent Hair Dye and Semi-Permanent Hair Dye 

If you want to have long-lasting hair color, then permanent dyes are the right choice for you. It is the best way to have long-lasting color in your hair. But if you want to experiment with your hair, then you should opt for semi-permanent hair dye. The color in semi-permanent hair dye does not last for much longer, whereas the color in permanent dye can last for one month or more, and sometimes, when you bleach it, it will remain till your new hair comes out. 

Various factors decide how much your color will last. The two among them are the kind of hair color treatment you do and your hair care routine. If you have a good hair care routine and the treatments you have are not very chemical and include organic hair dye or natural dyes, it can last for much longer.

Though it is quite tempting to change your hair color every week or month or to be on par with the latest trend or fashion, you should not do it if you choose non-organic products. As dyeing with nonorganic products can have serious consequences on your hair and skin as it is nothing but chemical, it can damage your hair to its roots. If you keep on frequently dyeing your hair, your hair won't look healthy as there won't be any minerals left. 


With the help of this blog, you can have some idea as to how often you can dye your hair and how frequent dyeing could have some serious repercussions. Every time you dye or bleach your hair, they lose valuable protein and their natural color and break the hair fiber. The chemicals also break the cuticle and cortex, thus making it more porous. This is a rule that the more porous your hair, the drier and damaged it appears. Since your hair won't be healthy, there will be other breakage problems, styling, and maintaining. 

If you like dyeing your hair often, choose organic products as they nourish your scalp while providing a dreamy color.

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