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How to Take Care of Colored Hair?
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How to Take Care of Colored Hair?

With everyone joining the “colored-canvas” team this season and flaunting their terrific tresses, from platinum hair to dark chocolate, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. All you need is to take a little extra care of your mane after coloring to keep them radiant, hydrated, and healthy. Our experts demystify some hair care techniques to help you to flaunt your colored hair for as long as possible. 

Use a gentle color protectant shampoo → 

Your shampoo plays a vital role in keeping your hair color vibrant. Using a specially formulated shampoo for color-treated tresses is a must. Not only will it protect your colored hair but also balance the pH levels. Choose a shampoo that is nourishing and hydrating to restore and replenish your hair after the coloring process. 

Stay away from chemicals → 

The hair care baddies, such as SLS and SLES produce lather when mixed with water, however, these detergents strip off the natural oils and hydration from your hair, leaving them damaged and super-dry.  In order to wash your hair, they harshly remove the lipids (protective compound) present in your hair-cuticles. Water easily penetrates deep inside once the protective compound is gone, resulting in fading the color a lot faster. We recommend switching to toxin-free and color-safe products such as byPureNaturals organic hair colour fixing shampoo to help your hair stay vibrant for long. 

Keep the water temperature in check → 

Always wash your color-treated hair with lukewarm water and rinse off the conditioner with cold water to lock in maximum hydration. Hot water is a big “no-no” for color-treated hair as they tend to open the cuticles rendering faster fading of the color. 

Pick ultra-nourishing products → 

After you shampoo your colored hair, make sure to give your tresses a dose of extra care by picking ultra-nourishing products. Color-treated hair may get dehydrated easily, hence it’s essential to pick the right products. Nourishing serums can help take care of the nourishment needs of your color-treated hair. 

Use organic hair-supplements → 

Vitamins are the essential key to keeping your colored hair healthy and flaunt-able. Vitamin C is responsible for keeping the blood cells in the body, including the scalp healthy. Whereas, Vitamin B6 can improve hair texture and strengthen weak hair. Taking vitamins can help not just your hair but also your body to stay healthy.

Avoid Chlorine →
The chlorine present in swimming pools can weaken and fade the color of your hair. Ensure you take precautionary steps before going out for a dip. Wear a swim cap to avoid chlorinated water getting in your hair. For added protection, oil or condition your hair deeply to provide a protective layer to your hair.

Now that you’ve access to the best hair care techniques for colored hair, what are you waiting for? Follow our simple tips and tricks to maintain and reinvigorate your color-treated hair. Use our full-proof guide after your next hair color adventure and stay tuned for our next blog.

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