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With the beauty and health market flooded with lotions and potions, it can get intimidating to choose the right product. Not only are consumers now looking for options that are safe and beneficial for them but also for the planet. This conscious choice of consumers accentuates how woke and beautiful the audience truly is. Now you can achieve the hues you’ve dreamt for your hair without the damage. Hair dyes have been notorious for their toxic formula, however now you can restore and revive the health of your hair with the power of nature. While organic products are now being espoused exceedingly by people globally, if you are still skeptical about why you must choose organic hair color, we are here to bring some clarity to you.

→ Toxin Free:
Non-organic hair dyes are made with harsh, synthetic, and toxic ingredients that do more damage than good. It not only irritates your scalp but also causes irreversible damage to your hair. The harsh chemicals often strip your scalp off the natural oils to bring color, leaving the hair extremely dry and prone to fall. Organic products are a lot gentler and made with specially chosen ingredients that not only give a uniform color to your hair but also provide moisture and nourishment while dyeing.

→ Safe for sensitive skin:
Apart from damaging and drying your scalp, the harsh ingredients found in popular hair color products can also be menacing to your skin. As you wait after applying the hair dye to settle in, your skin absorbs these synthetic chemicals often causing irritation, inflammation, and allergies. Choosing an organic hair color can prevent such toxic ingredients from contacting your skin and eradicate the damaging consequences. Since organic hair color is only made from gentle ingredients, it is a safe choice for sensitive skin or even those who are facing a sensitive time such as pregnancy, lactating women, etc.

→ Provide nourishment:
Strong chemicals such as SLS, SLES found in hair color products dry your hair and cause myriad problems such as dandruff, allergies, etc. On the contrary, choosing organic hair color products can render myriad benefits, as they not only color your hair but also the ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado and more deeply nourish your hair to prevent them from drying, making your hair beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside.

→ Environment Friendly:
The chemical products are highly menacing to the environment, from manufacturing to application, they annihilate the environment beyond repair. Your hair/ skin finds it hard to absorb these chemicals and mostly these chemicals go down the drain with every rinse, further contaminating the soil and water. Organic products contain natural ingredients that are easy to be absorbed and have no consequences to the environment.

If you are looking for a healthy, strong, and shiny mane, you must explore the treasures hidden in nature and packed by organic hair colour brands such as byPureNaturals. Not only will your hair thank you for making the switch but also the planet will be thankful to you.

It’s high time we choose consciously and live beautifully.

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