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Tips for dyeing your hair at home!
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Tips for dyeing your hair at home!

Whether you are just covering your greys or giving your crowning glory a major transformation, dyeing your hair at home can be super intimidating. So, if your skepticism has been holding you back from giving your tresses a boost of color, we are here to demystify a mistake-proof guide with the best tips, tricks, and hacks to turn you into a DIY pro.

Buy Two Boxes:

If the length of your hair goes past your shoulders or is shoulder-length but extremely coarse, you must use two boxes of the same hue to ensure full coverage. Mix the content of the boxes in a plastic bowl or a glass container.

Don’t Mix Shades:

Unless you're a professional, mixing myriad different shades of hair color is not suggested. Ostensibly, the result would never be the predictable and anticipated shade. In fact, mostly the shade shown on the hair color box differs from person to person. It’s best to pick one shade and follow the instructions.

Strand Test is a Must:

Though ignoring this step often is tempting, the strand test is essential, especially

when you’re trying a new shade. Color a few hidden hairs or baby hair before committing to the shade. This simple step can save you from a horror story transpiring on your crowning glory.

Wear Comfortable Clothes:

You certainly don’t want your new pastel top to be spoiled, do you? It’s best to put on an old robe or a comfortable loose t-shirt to avoid staining clothes. Cover important surfaces such as the floor, sink with layers of newspaper to avoid spilling color all over. In the end, you can throw the soiled newspapers rather than spending hours trying to get the hair color off your marble floor.

Protect Skin From Dye:

There's nothing more peculiar than ending up with stripes of color on your skin, especially your forehead. Guard your skin against the spilling stains by applying a lip balm, especially the forehead, back of the neck, and ears.

Gather your Tools:

Before starting, prep up and set your tools before you. Read through the instruction manual before starting. That way, you’ll be aware of the steps and won’t have to halt mid-process, which could lead to blunders like leaving the dye on too long or missing certain vital areas.

Stock up on extra gloves:

Keep spare pairs of disposable gloves handy to protect your skin against staining, when you rinse the color off, in case your original ones are too spoiled to be used again.

Start dyeing at the roots:

You should start by applying hair color at the roots. Roots of the hair are the least damaged area where regrowth occurs, however, it demands the most amount of color and also greater time to process. Let the hair color develop for some amount of time as suggested in the manual. You must comb it through the rest of your hair to distribute it appropriately and avoid a dull two-tone effect. Work in four to six sections like salon pros do, use hair clips to divide the hair.

Look into two mirrors:

Coloring the back of your head can be tricky.  Use two mirrors when using hair color for the back of your head to ensure you don’t miss spots.

Remove dye spills Quickly:

Make sure the dye splatters don’t set in, clean them as they occur. You can keep facial cleansing wipes close to clean them quickly.

Put on a shower cap as you wait:

Don on a disposable shower cap as you wait for the hair color to settle, this will prevent the color from dripping.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to color your canvas infallibly. 

If you think we’ve missed an important tip, do let us know in the comments below.

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