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Got your hair colored and wish to keep the flattering color new for long? Read on. It does not matter what color you have on your hair. They all require proper hair care. If you do not take proper care, the color will fade away within weeks. It does not matter whether you use organic hair color or not. They all fade if not taken care of. So, we bring you some tips as to how you can maintain your color-treated hair in an effective manner.

72 Hour wait- You should not shampoo your hair within 72 hours of your color treatment. Because when you color your hair, your cuticle layer gets opened, which makes it easier for the color to penetrate your hair shaft. If you shampoo your hair within 72 hours after coloring, there might be a chance that the color gets washed away from the hair shaft. Generally, it takes three days to fully close the cuticle layer, so the longer you wait for shampoo, the longer the color will last.
Sulfate-free products- It is advisable to not use sulfate hair products after a hair color treatment because the chemical can wash away the color within weeks. It is also known as Sodium Laureth ether sulfate and is a kind of anionic detergent that produces foam. It is an ingredient in various shampoos and conditioners. When you use such products, you strip your hair from its natural oils and moisturizer. This also leads to damaged hair, and if you have colored, it won’t last long if you keep using sulfate products.
Conditioner it with dye- You can also add dye to your conditioner whenever you wash your hair to keep the fresh look of your hair. A little dye mix with your conditioner won’t harm you but will give you a natural look every time you do it. Unless and until your roots grow out. It will have a Natural Hair dye look. As this procedure will lightly re-dye your hair hence, maintain your treatment longer than the others.
Low water temperature- When you shampoo your hair with warm water, it damages your hair because of excessive heat. The heat opens up your hair cuticle that washes away your hair color when you shampoo and condition it. You should shampoo with mild water and then condition it with cold water. As the mild water will help  shampoo and conditioner to penetrate, and cold water will help to seal the moisture in the hair cuticle.
Once a week hair washes- If you want to retain your hair color, you should try not to wash your hair every day or regularly. Consider washing your hair once a week or twice, not more than that. This will help you to preserve your look for a longer period. If you have vibrant hair color, this is one tip that you should follow.

These are some of the tips that you should follow to retain the colors in your hair and have healthy hair. Apart from these tips, there are certain products that you can use, such as our hair supplements. You can also refrain from using hot tools or if you are using such styling products, use them with heat protectant spray. You should also avoid chlorine and saltwater.

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