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Hair color has always been in trend, and women across the globe experiment with different shades of hair color. It is a form of hair care that adds a different touch to your hair and your personality. With a wide variety of brands and hair colors to choose from, it becomes quite cumbersome to choose the best hair color for your skin shade. But we got you covered in this blog. We bring you various tips from the most esteemed hairdressers that you must consider before coloring your hair. 

Know your Skin Tone 

Before choosing from the varieties of color for your hair, you should know what your skin’s undertone is. Generally, there are three categories for undertones, and most people fall in any one of them. They are neutral, cool, and warm. How to figure out your skin tone could be difficult, but with the help of these tricks, you can easily figure your skin undertone. 

The first step is to look for specific colors. For example, people with cool skin tones have undertones of blue and olive color. On the other hand, people who have warm skin tones have gold and yellow color. One other way to check your undertone is to look at your wrist. The color of your vein can decide the color of your undertone as they are good indicators. If the color of your vein is purple or blue, this indicates that you have a cool undertone, but if the color of your vein is green, this means you have a warm undertone. 

If this also does not work, you can try to match yourself with celebrities who have the same skin tone as yours and have the same eye color. This will give you a better idea of how the hair color looks on you. 

After you know your undertone, you can start to choose from different hair colors. Some of them are mentioned below. 

Blonde shades- blonde shades include champagne, beige, silver, platinum, ice, etc. such shades of hair color look best on women with porcelain skin with undertones of blue or violet as the hues will neutralize the redness. The cool blonde will also look great on women who have eyes of blue or grey.

Warm tone Hair colors- Women having fair skin and cool undertones are best suited for warm hair colors like strawberry blonde, honey, gold, etc. These hair colors also look good and enhance the face of women who have olive skin. This will also apply to women with deep skin. If they want to go with a lighter shade of hair color, women should prefer caramel blonde as it will have a high impact on their look and give a natural hair dye look. People with warm skin should avoid hair color that is too yellow. 

If you are a woman with fair skin and a neutral undertone, strawberry blonde is the hair color. It will give an impression of organic hair color, and if you mix it with cool and warm tones, it will have a creamy warm color with bits of golden copper. This will add to your look and will bring out the best in you. 

Dark hair shades like burgundy, red auburn will look good and flattering on women with ruddy undertones and help your skin color pop out and add to your overall personality. 


Apart from the hair colors mentioned above, there are other hair colors in the market as well, but if you’re skeptical, the aforementioned colors can be great for beginners. Hair colors are now a trend, and women are following it with utmost perfection. We hope that the tips we have mentioned will help you find the best hair color for you.

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